Weekly Vendor Spotlight - Taylor Heery Photography

Hello guys! 

I am going to start doing a weekly spotlight for vendors that I have worked with and have done an outstanding job, to just give them a shoutout for being awesome! These are people that I highly recommend if you are still checking out vendors! 

First up, is the goddess of all thing photography. The one, the only, Taylor Heery!

You are going to hear a lot about her on this blog, I have worked with her for the past year and a half and has taught me so much and is not only my boss, but one of my best friends. If you are still looking for a photographer for anything, weddings, elopements, engagements, modeling portfolio building or even business head shots, Taylor is your girl! Check out examples of her work, a little bit about her and a link to her website below! 


About Taylor Heery Photography

My name is Taylor Heery Griffith, I'm the owner of Taylor Heery Photography. This art has been a long-standing passion of mine that has recently gone full-time. Before I started working with photography, I had no idea how influential a photograph could be in someones life. It's an art that effects everyone. You'll look at your wedding album 50 years from now and revive emotions that were felt that very day. You'll sit around with your kids and grandkids and remember the times you had and the memories and friendships you made. Photography is tangible. But even still, it's important. It's critical to document life as it happens. It's critical to take the time and make the effort to preserve life, in it's fleeting beauty. 

I got into photography in high school first at Hendersonville High School, and then into graphic art during my time at Appalachian State University. I've always loved studying photos and light and emotion and somehow melding them together to create works that appropriately reflect people in their natural being. I like to use the term "organic" to describe my style because that's what I strive for. Organic content. Photographs that are a true representation of the people and events that they capture. The color, the mood, the feel. The shadow and light. 

Portraits were my first love. The ability to connect with someone during a session and draw out their inner self, and ultimately put it on paper is just so exciting to me. Be it for business or for personal use and self-esteem, I love them all. I can't help it. But when I came into wedding photography, I found the yin to my yang. Portrait sessions are slow and meticulously planned and positioned. Weddings are fast and emotional and a frenzy of family, friends and feelings I was hooked. Ever since my first times second shooting, I knew that I could love capturing a wedding. And my love has only grown.