How I Got Into Wedding Planning

"The Beginning". Hmm, well "It" started in January of 2017... At that time I had my heart set on being a vet. I have loved horses my entire life and wanted to be an equine vet to help them. At the beginning of January, Taylor Heery, one of my favorite people in the entire world, asked me to do a shoot for Wildflower Bridal (where I will get my future wedding dress because they are AMAZING). I agreed to it, and then was tasked with finding a faux groom. Now, I am 6'1, finding a boy taller than me is a miracle. On January 5th, one of my best friends convinced me to go to a homeschool formal (that's a rather lame equivalent of a prom). I walked in and right in the doorway, was Coleman, all 6'4 of him. I found my miracle. His sweetness, amazing curls and the fact he was hot helped also!!!

I had actually met Coleman a year earlier at homeschool PE (yes, it is just as lame as it sounds, too!). I always thought he was cute (not going to lie) but I was ridiculously shy. It was bad, real bad. In fact, Coleman tried to talk to me once, I had just got hit in the stomach super hard with a soccer ball and he came over to see if I was okay. He said something to me and I didn't hear what it was and being me, panicked and ran away from him. Yes, ran away, not saying anything and looked like a complete moron... this kind of thing sums up my social skills back then. 

So, back to homeschool formal, I was slightly less shy at this point, very slightly. But, still couldn't get up the nerve to talk to this fella that I was secretly envisioning as my faux groom.

Some kid pulled the fire alarm 3 times that night, and on the 3rd time we all had to go stand outside in the freezing cold. I am one of the coldest natured people ever, I wear a jacket in summer. So I'm standing outside getting hypothermia and about to go toward the light and Coleman, with the awesome hair, goes in and gets his jacket and gives it to me. I left that night all smiles, but STILL had not spoken to this boy besides "thank you".

2 weeks later and the shoot is fast apporaching, and I am still a bride without a groom. And finally I mention the sweet 6'4 boy from formal to Taylor and she says "Just ask him"! So, I find Coleman on instagram, (we still have not spoken to each other and I literally just knew his first name, but I found him) and I DMed him and asked him to be my faux groom. Yep! Just randomly asked him on Instagram to "marry me!" The stalkership was real. And miraculously, he said yes. I had found a groom! 

So the day of the shoot came, and I got to work with them hella talented Amber Yancy and Joanna Ferree of Powder Me Pretty, who are amazing and I definitely recommend to any bride. 

I got to get all dressed up like a princess in a wedding dress and I realized how much I loved weddings. Total honesty, I had already been planning mine since I was like 6... I also realized how much I liked planning the shoot with Taylor. I loved corresponding with the vendors and double checking details to make sure everything would be perfect. I knew that I wanted to be a wedding and event planner after that, and that was the start of Wedding Belle's.

I began interning with Taylor Heery and gained lots of experience and knowledge working with her. She taught me almost everything I know today. I began working with her photography clients, planning their weddings and gaining experience. One of the biggest joys in my life is seeing a wedding come together and seeing a couple get their dream fairytale wedding. I love my job and am very passionate about it, and I never would have found that passion if not for the day I got faux married. 

P.S. Coleman's actually my boyfriend now and helps out with a lot of my weddings, apparently the running away and stalking didn't scare him off!