Catherine and Madison

Catherine and Madison's wedding will always hold a special place in my heart, their wedding was beautiful, elegant and authentic. Definitely one for the books! 

Their wedding was held at Lake Logan Conference Center, which is one of my favorite venues and one that I highly recommend. It is absolutely beautiful and the staff are all so helpful and amazing to work with. 

Catherine and Madison are so sweet, they really make the perfect couple. They live several hours away, so all of our meetings were over Skype. I got to know them over several months and they became more than just clients, they became good friends of mine. 

Their wedding was so touching, there were some tears shed, I know I shed some (and I don't cry prettily). 

It was so amazing to be a part of something so beautiful. Thank you for letting me a part of the beginning of your happily ever after! Check out some pictures from their big day below! 

P.S. For their reception they had a gourmet mac and cheese bar, which is the best idea ever. Mac and cheese, y'all!!!

Now that may have been my favorite part of the wedding... #macandcheeseforever